Grace Turner writes self proclaimed "abstract confessional" pieces. They come from self reflection, isolation and a life long habit of writing songs.  

Growing up with a poet father and artist mother Turners had the taste for creating, exploring and dedication to art from birth. 

At 17 Turner won three local ABC Music awards and was given an APRA song writing scholarship. She went on to study a Bachelor of Music majoring in Voice. While discovering the tools of the trade she began to break them at the same time, preferring her sometimes raw, raspy and pitchy vocals over perfection. This goes for her recordings and live perfomances as well, you can taste the raw presence and honestly in her writing and delivery. 

Her new single 'Angry' has been picked up by blogs around the globe, US blog Obscure Sound describing her sound as "haunting, hypnotic and immediately captivating." 'Angry' will be followed with the release of an EP in early 2018.

"'Angry' was written in the back of a stranger's car shooting across rural France after I'd hitched a ride escaping a failed attempt at a farm stay in the country," Turner explains. "It was one of those ones you hope you don't lose before you get the chance to find a guitar to figure it out. It's a reflective song; it's about being very frustrated and tearing your life a part in order to find something different. Perhaps a heavy topic but I hope the song leaves one with a feeling of hope and peace of mind."


Take your pick! For streaming use Spotify or Apple Music and for an actual download iTunes and Bandcamp are your friends. 


"Angry" performed at Dashville Skyline, 2017 for the Dashville Sessions filmed and recorded by Sawtooth Studios.